Welcome to the 4WD STUFF site.

Currently the site is undergoing some changes as it has changed hands. Over the next month or so it will be getting updated with a lot of new products and some of the currently listed ones will be dissappearing.

Recently it has not been very active as Steve has been busy with other priorities in life.

My name is Tim and I have taken over the site, Over the last few years I have been a member (suzolla) and Vendor of www.offroadexpress.co.nz selling a few 4wd parts that I have imported from the USA, I have also imported parts to order for some people to minimise their shipping costs.

Mostly the parts are for TOYOTA'S but there are also some for SUZUKI'S and NISSAN'S

4WD STUFFwill no longer be doing physical work on vehicles, it will only be an On Line Store for ordering of parts.

Every attempt will be made to ensure that if an item is listed it is in stock.


Parts are listed under the various vehicle makes, models and catergories, you add the parts that you would like to your Cart, then when ready you use the Checkout, which then sends me an email of what you have ordered, I will then confirm that the parts are in stock and send you the payment details. You will also get an email with details of your order. Once payment is made I will send the parts to you. If you are a new purchaser an email will also be sent to you to register you so that you can track your order and so that any future orders can be easily placed.

The other option is to just send me an enquiry via the details in contact tab above.


For small items the cost of shipping is often included in the cost, but for heavier items the shipping cost wil be additional.


Thank you for looking.

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